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I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, upon graduation, moved to Colorado, Hawaii & ultimately San Diego. In San Diego, I worked as a Special Education Teacher living part time in Mexico. Over the 10 past years, teaching afforded me the summers free to travel. Like any other summer, on July 4, 2016 I boarded a plane for a 6-week motorcycle trip around Romania and Hungary, and travel to Croatia, Barcelona and Portugal. 

In Barcelona, the mix of the sun, sangria, siestas, and Spanish lovers made for a sinister cocktail of a free-bird attitude.  In one swoop, the devil on my shoulder appeared and tore my plane ticket in two. Thus beginning my journey into the deeper understanding of yoga, massage,  and energy fields.


With a strong desire to know myself better and understand the undercurrents of life on a deeper level, over the next 4 years, I traveled to over thirty different countries to seek out healing traditions and gurus. In the journey, I learned a great deal, met intriguing, smart people, had countless laughs, felt unforgettable sensations and created stories for the books. I am proud of how far I have come, grateful for my memories and would like you to enjoy the synergy of the worldly education that was imparted upon me. 

Through healing sessions, I would like to help you un-write old stories, grow in your confidence and inspire fundamental  growth.



Accreditations: Certified Hatha and Kunadlini Yoga Teacher, Bio-Field Tuning Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Certified Life-Coach, Certified Herbalist, and apprentice to the universe.

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