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Useful Websites

Finding A Job

         A great website to help you find work share abroad. Allows you to live more like a local, meet great people, and

               work on really cool projects like setting up organic farms, building homes, and working in hostels in exchange for

               free food and acccomodations.

         Get a job in 24 hours! A free app that connects you with jobs in a multitude of fields from construction to

               administration to catering. Make a free profile, and the jobs are required to respond within 24 hours.

  •    Au Pair Jobs Abroad (

               Must be between the ages of 18-30. Exchange being an Au Pair for free accomodations and food abroad.

Places to Stay

              Can book hostels, apartments, and hotels without booking fees. It is easy to cancel through there website

                 and  fees are subject to the property (which is typically 24 hours). This allows you to book a few different

                 places for the same dates and then decide where to stay later without any penalties (airbnb and

                 hostelworld won't allow this or charge a fee). 

             User friendly website which gives a lot of great reviews from other travelers.

             The most low-budget way to travel. Meet some cool locals and crash on their couch for free.

  •      Airbnb (

             Live like a local! They have loads of cool, boutiquey style houses to really allow you to have the experience

               you are looking for.


Helpful Apps

  •      Wallapop

              An app that allows you to buy and sell second hand goods.

  •       Duolingo

          A great app for learning 18 different languages.

Car Share

            Everything is cheaper in numbers! Going somewhere? This is a car-sharing website where you can post your

              trip and other travelers needing rides will pay you to ride along or vice versa.




            Good skyskanner for exact destinations. When you book multi-destination flights, it cuts down on

               individual ticket prices.

            Good skyskanner for general destinations or areas.

            Cheap flights in the States.

            Cheap flights in Europe.


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