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Botanical Medicine

Self Heal School, Ocean Beach, California

Certified Herbalist

A 20 minute remote consultation is free.

Investment: $250

The plants surrounding us have to overcome the same environmental challenges we face- the sun, the wind, the coolness or heat. They understand us on a vibrational level. They dig their roots down deep and blossom high. When we ingest plant medicine it does more than a pharmaceutical drug - it’s alive. Because plants are also living organisms, they take time to energetically understand our whole being and help us to heal ourselves. Because we are interconnected with the life that blooms around us, I make an effort to work with plants that are local to my clients.


If you would like to move forward after the initial consultation, a prescriptions of herbs, tinctures, capsules, herbal tea blends and habit & lifestyle recommendations will be prescribed. Your visit includes up to $20 worth of free herbs (1-2 months worth of product). Together we will monitor your progress over the treatment period as each body has unique needs. Your well-being and progress is my top priority. 


Botanical medicine can be used to treat a wide array of needs, from general dis-ease to more chronic conditions, as well as a form of preventative care.


All herbal medicine is made with 100% organic ingredients. I age tinctures in house for 2 years and strain by hand with love and care.

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Botanical Medicine for Animal Health


Free consultation included.

Suggested donation price: $90-120 (dependent on size of animal)

Herbs customized for the therapeutic treatment of the following common conditions (but not limited to):


Arthritis, Joint issues, Cataracts, Kidney & Liver problems, Inflammation, Dry Coat, Allergies, Lethargy, Bad Breath

Sierra's Story

Woof!!! I know I look like a young pup when I heel everyone & protect my mom & pop pop. But, welllll...can you keep a secret?

I didn't feel well for years. I got hit by a car when I was a baby. My grandparents saved my life but I was left with aches & pains. Mom calls it arthritis. The truth is, I was embarrassed I wasn't moving as quick as I used to when protecting my family.

When mommy noticed she took me to the doctor & then started hiding a white thing in my kibbles. But that white thing hurt stomach and liver. We needed a better solution.


Luckily, My mama started herbal school &  whipped up a special herbal arthritic blend filled with Boswellia, Tumeric, Alfalfa, and Calendula, just to name a few...Just for wooof!!!!

Nowadays...I feel like an ALPHA again! My morning stiffness is gone, I don't limp on walks, have fluid joints and at 11 years-old, my eyes have never been brighter.

I feel so alive, that I want to share our no-side affect secret with you

My treats are for Arthritis, but Mommy is the smartest and knows the herbal properties and combinations to make the most potent, nutrient-bio-available blends to therapeutically help you heal from the tops of your wet black noses to the ends of your whipp'n tails!

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 1.02_edited.jpg

Lots of Love & Wet Kisses,

Sierra The Blue "Heel-er"

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