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Budapest | Lake Balaton


Suggested Routes

Here is our original itinerary for a motorcycle trip around the Balkins.


Fly into Bucharest, Romania -> Sibui Romania (4 hours, 280 Kilometers)

Brasov is a cute little town that is home to Dracula’s Castle.


Sibiu, Romania ->Brasov, Romania  (2 hours: 15 minutes, 117 kilometers)

Brasov is a cute little town that is home to Dracula’s Castle. Drive on the Transffagarasan Highway, also called the highway to the sky. It’s gorgeous. There are picturesque sites of rolling hills, sheep being herded, and small towns.


Brasov, Romania->Sighisoara, Romania (1hour:40 minutes, 117 kilometers)

Stay inside the old city fortress walls. It is a cool, historical town with the clock tower being the most important site. When were in Sighisoara, there was a cute art fair.  If you are looking for something a bit different to mix it up, go to Korona Hotel outside the city walls and the pool is phenominal! Restaurant Hotel Sighisora does a good breakfast brunch every morning and Casa Georgious Kraus was great for dinner.


Sighisoara, Romania ->Lillafured, Romania (7hours, 503 kilometers)

Stop by the Salina Turda Salt mines. You descend down 13 stories and it open up into these mind blowing chambers. You feel like you are on another planet.


Lilafured, Romania ->Budapest, Hungary (2hours:15 minutes, 196 kilometers)

Such a hip and international city. Go out at night! There are a million cool spots in the town to go. We went to a bar called Szimpla Kert Ruin Pub and had so much fun we stayed all night. There are also Turkish bath parties on Saturday nights Szechenyi Thermal Baths (book early because they sell out). The baths are also open during the days and for about $17 U.S. Dollars you have access to 2 outdoor heated baths, and indoor heated bath, Saunas and steam rooms.


Budapest -> Plitvice Lakes National Park  (5hours, 490 kilometers)

Wake up early and hike all day…duh! It’s beautiful and one of my favorite places in the universe.


Plitvace Lakes National Park ->Split  (2 hours: 30 minutes, 242 Kilometers)

There is a lot going on in Split, check calendars for music events, yacht week, etc. before you go! We were there during Ultra Music Festival.


Split, Croatia ->Dubrovnik, Croatia  (3 hours, 229 Kilometers)

Dubrovnik is where Game of Thrones was filmed and it was easy to see why. The city is beautiful, but also has a lot of depth. I stayed at Dubrovnik Backpackers hostel a bit out of town. It was a family run hostel, Milka and her husband were funny, cute and made you feel instantly like they were your own grandparents. When you check in they give you a weird rubbing alcohol shot mixed with honey that you will have to take for tradition. Then Milka cooks up a storm for you!  It was a little outside of town but so completely worth it.


Dubrovnik , Croatia– Bucharest, Romania (15 hours, 970 kilometers)

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